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You are Sacred

You are Sacred

The seed that is to grow must lose itself as seed…

And they that creep

may graduate through

chrysalis to wings

Wilt though then, O mortal,

cling to husks which falsely seem to you

thy self?

-Wu Ming Fu, Twelfth Century

This is Spring ….. what seeds of your Self are you sowing to harvest later this year? What do you need to do to prepare the soil for them to take root?

Tomorrow I am literally having a 4 foot by 13 foot raised bed set in to plant baby greens in …. I am so excited. First however, I have to rip out my two precious beds I planted last year that underperformed …. were pretty but didn’t do the job! Husks …. stepping stones to the real deal…. where is this happening in your life right now?

What do you crave to grow?