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What’s In a Name, Part Two

What’s In a Name, Part Two

Existing or Claiming your Name

Big business, a Name. Serious advertising dollars get spent testing out just the right one to catch your eye, open your ear, claim your heart; win your loyalty. It’s more than flirting; it’s sex.

Look around you. It’s on Bill boards; TV screens, the magazines you do and don’t read; it’s falling off the lips of politicians, Spiritual leaders, soft drink advertisements: Be like me. Look like this. Follow me, buy my brand and…. (don’t get me wrong I adore wearing beautiful clothes, but I will never give up my embroidered and patched together 501 jeans)

IT’s the And I am talking about here…. That’s the important part, the And.

The hoodoo- voodoo, Adam, Eve and the Serpent and, the one that says…. Be, adorn, follow, buy and, (fill in the blank with your deepest fears) nothing bad will ever happen to you again. The one that implies, just stay right where you are, in their box. Everything’s going to be alright, right?

  • What cherished parts of you have you surrendered in the seduction?
  • How is that for you? Does it make you feel more alive or less?
  • Are you trapped in someone else’s skin or vision of life? What does that feel like in your body?

Make no mistake about it; this battle is epic. It’s Mata Hari- esque level seduction. And it don’t give up! What do you do?

Yell. Yell out your own Name. Claim your own until now unnamed, forgotten, and dormant parts of your Self. Yell until the walls come tumbling down (I told you it was epic, even biblical) Yell, cry, speak, move; create a new job ( more on that in part 3) find your own rhythm of breath and don’t stop until you see your own true reflection shining back at you in the mirror.

Andwhen you have, whisper a thanks to your courageous self who never abandoned you through the deepest, darkest, seemingly endless wandering of your once exiled, now trembling soul.