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What’s In A Name, Part One

What’s In A Name, Part One

Do you know who you are?

  • What Names are you using to define yourself?
  • What Labels have you accepted from others’ ideas of you?
  • Are they boxing you in?

I am thinking about labels these days. Not the ones we wear, (although if the metaphor fits… you know what I mean?) labels as in titles; as in this makes me, Me; and that makes you, You; I am thinking about labels and Names, those we seek; those we carry like a worn wooden yoke across our shoulders and those we hunger to claim as our own.

Names are Symbols. They hold power. It takes courage to take on a Name. To walk in the world standing for what you have decided consciously or unconsciously your Name holds for you.

Be courageous

  • Make a list like this: Madaline is__________. (better to use your name)

The rules: whatever comes in your head goes on the page, whether you agree with it, believe it, imagine it to be true or not, put everything that comes up down on the page. No censoring.

Be Transparent

Let it be an expression of your desire to know how you are truly defining yourself.

  • After you have completed your list, (write everything, everything, did I say everything, every little whisper of consciousness that crosses your mind, yes even that!) Take a moment and close your eyes.
  • Notice what you are feeling throughout your body and where.
  • Let three words come into your mind that describe what the sensations in your body actually feels like. Jot down where those sensations are in your body.
  • What do you notice? How does it feel in your skin to define yourself that way?

Like a magic spell how you name someone or something, most importantly yourself, creates a box. Boxes are useful. They create structure and form, establish boundaries; define what belongs and what doesn’t and whom for better or worse. They can provide shelter for dreams; but they can also box you in place. In old magic if you wanted to capture the spirit of a person, you drew a box around some representation you had of them, ritualizing your intent, forever keeping them prisoner exactly as they are.

Who you say you are is like a magnet it either attracts or repels. Make sure you have your hand on the right end at the right time.

Names, labels and superstitions are part of the conversation in Ongoing class right now. It’s rich. It delicate. It’s potent. It’s all about learning the art of

  • maintaining your own right to choose how you define yourself.
  • Letting go of the labels that no longer describe how you long to move through your world today
  • and how to nurture (embody) their expression throughout your whole life.