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Tenderness and Courage

Tenderness and Courage


We are diving into what it means to Dream Out Of The Box In Ongoing Class.

Dream – As in

•    Conceive of, envisage, imagine, intend,

Out of….

The Box – As in how we

•    define ourselves

•    dedicate our time, energy, resources to who we “believe” we are.

•    Do or don’t question the superstitions (big topic in class right now); taboos, loyalties, and longings, we claim as our own.

It’s a rich conversation and it strikes me there are a couple of powers you need for the journey:

•    Tenderness  – (responsiveness, kindness, humaneness)

what a power it is . A salve; a solvent; an ear; a whisper; a unexpected gesture of acceptance.  Sustenance.

•    make a list of the kinds of tenderness you have mastered.
•    Make another of the kind you hunger to know.

Grow it.

Give it.

Risk it.

Yes. Power is risky business. No getting around it. That’s why you need

Courage –  from the French: Coeur -to act from the truth of one’s own heart.

You’ve got to have it

And you do

We all do.

You’ve got to tend to it (tend: as in care for it Hint : tend-erly, catch it? Good.)
How do you do that?
You practice.
You rub stick and flint together (commitment)
Your breathe into it (inspiration)
You watch for smoke (attention)
Then spark (patience)
Then fire (faith)

add kindling ( tend – ing to)
Until the air around you fills with light
The atmosphere warmth
Now a beacon.
A hearth.
A place to take flight

To remember-
Your life is precious.
You matter.
You are gifted with what the world needs.



Madaline B