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Private Counseling Sessions

Private counseling sessions:

Individual private counseling sessions are deeply focused meetings designed to transform. These are private counseling sessions. We talk. I listen. We dig down deep: gently but courageously. We turn over every stone, uncover all the lost and buried pieces of your own soul’s callings. We mend old wounds; unblock frozen streams of vibrancy at your core; retool your thinking about yourself and life from the mundane to the sacred.

What you will experience:

  • a re-connection with your own sense of joy
  • a reparation of deep seated wounds from the past
  • a capacity to move forward into a greater sense of ease and well being
  • a release from old patterns of anxiety and strain;
  • an unblocking of stagnant energy in relationships whether personal or professional
  • a new set of skills replacing longstanding habits of sabotage
  • a letting go of negative behaviors

You will also:

  • gain a true capacity of discernment,
  • clarity of intent
  • tools vital to embodying one’s deepest core needs and longings

Insight can happen in a moment. That is the quick fix. Here at the 2hhstudio we aspire to something deeper and more permanent and so, you can expect the process will take the exact amount of time needed for you to own what you learn with me here at the studio. My aim is for you to walk out the gates of 2hhstudio sufficient to the task of embodying your own cores deepest needs and longings. Individual counseling is a process that starts with pre-screening.