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Personal Counseling

Personal Counselor Madaline Blau

Madaline is a teacher and personal counselor. With over thirty two years of personal counseling, couples and group leadership experience, Madaline has helped hundreds of people restore balance, clarity and unity in their lives. Madaline’s method is to open paths that release patterns of constriction and restore connection to the authentic self: to guide people towards gaining the skills necessary to build a life based on their own soul’s longings. Madaline works with individuals and couples by phone, in person and non-locally. For a quick overview of how session work is conducted see the Session Work outline. Madaline also works with people through her Ongoing Class, other classes, meditation groups and workshops offered throughout the year through two hands and a heart studio (2hh studio) in Los Angeles.

Madaline draws on unique-intuitive gifts, intensive study and application of healing modalities to reach deep into unconscious narratives that determine conscious conditions.Madaline is successful at solving elusive issues that others have not been able to and to help people to re-acquire and embody their unique selves with effective, productive and happy life mechanisms. Contact her today to find out more.