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Meditations and Visualizations

Meditations and Visualizations

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How to Use these Meditations and Visualizations

Meditations and Visualizations accomplish different goals. Think of meditations as a form of calisthenics for your body, mind and Soul. Meditations in all their thousands of forms are meant to develop aspects of connectedness between your mind, your body, and even, depending on the form, Fundamental Consciousness (name your name for the Divine here). The more you meditate properly, the stronger your connection with yourself and the world at large will become. You will feel safer in your own skin. You will gain an opportunity to experience life in a more intimate fashion, and you will gain stability within your own core when events enter your life that could overwhelm you. The more you practice, the more you will develop a capacity to effect your own health, some positive effects are: lowered blood pressure, a more resilient immune system, and repairing your nervous system over time.  Most importantly, meditating can help you repair Fragmentation within yourself, the kind that may have occurred as a child; or after a trauma; or, during a stressful days activities of just trying to keep up with our ever quickening pace of life.

Here is the rub, just like physical exercise, the more consistently you do it, the greater the results. That is why it is called a meditation practice. The more you practice, the more skill you develop, the greater the results.

I like to meditate and keep a journal where I can write down any cream that has risen to the surface of my awareness.

Try this.

-Get a journal. (Doesn’t need to be gilded in gold) Something simple and easy to use but big enough to draw or write what comes to you in style.
-Draw a quick outline of your body and write a couple of words that describe your physical sensation post session.
-Jot down inside or outside the drawing any thoughts, revelations, sensations that arose during the time you meditated.
-Date it.
-You are done.
-Enjoy your deepened state!

Visualizations are crafted to open a pathway of communication between your Soul/Heart (or if you prefer a psychological bent your unconscious), and your waking self. They allow your deeper Wild Self to speak to you through your imagination. Visualizations are a good way to develop and deepen your own connection with the many facets of your being. Depending on the particular visualization, you may process through buried or stuck feelings; uncover your hearts true longings; regain a sense of your Self, or, you might even find a visualization can help you sort out choices you are puzzling over in your current life.

You may also encounter people and beings that serve as bridges into areas of your life you may have forgotten. It is important to keep the channel open and well greased for your imagination.  Why, because imagination is key to solving problems, creating a life that sustains your authentic Self; healing wounds; moving forward in life; and comforting yourself in times of need.

You will find here an assortment of visualizations that you can come and play with anytime you like depending on your need. Again, I suggest your keep track of them in your journal.

When you are short of time, cluster the experiences and images of the visualization.

Notice what happens in your life as you develop this connection within yourself.  Feel free to post or email me your discoveries.

May your experiences with these meditations and visualizations ripen you, nourish you and give you a deeper capacity to live and love.