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Group Inquiry Class

Group Inquiry is in a class format and is called, “Ongoing Class” (OGC) as it is year round. OGC is a guided-topical class conducted by Madaline Blau. OGC features student interaction. OGC is a place where you can inquire into your own hungering self and gain the tools and skills needed to nourish your deepest longings. It is the place where we take the time to go into whatever the current topic may be, with care. Through, conversation, writing, meditation, visualization and other techniques Madaline has honed through the years, you have the opportunity along with other like minded students, to grow and nourish aspects of yourself and your life that may have stumped you in the past. Madaline gives class assignments as well as personal assignments. The class structure follows the needs of the students, as they unfurl, discover and learn how to expand their capacity to thrive.

Class is recorded so you never have to worry about missing it. You can always log-in once you are a registered student and listen to class as many times as you like in the current month.

On-going class is year round. Held on the 3rd Saturday of the month. You can join at any time. We meet from 9:30 am to 11:30-ish am. Classes tend to run long. There is a four month commitment to maintain the intimacy and continuity of class.