Think about Explorers

Photograph of man walking along a pond with sky reflecting in it.

…not just what drives them towards the Unknown, but what causes them to set out into it, rather than dream about it. What animates their first steps away from the conventional thought and beliefs of the day? What causes them to dare to forge a new path beyond the reaches of the imagination held and many times cherished by their own civilizations?

I am interested not in what dreams they hold, but of the capacity they have to tend to, and nourish their curiosity. How they keep its’ fire burning in the face of those who try and maintain the status quo. How they follow the pull of something as yet virgin to their worlds, however, long or arduous the path may be to reaching it.

I am fascinated in the manner by which they turn the creative act of questioning what may be, into an act of innovation that redefines what is.

How do they prepare? How do they take the first step and the next and the next? How do they navigate by starlight when the moon is void in the sky? What do they carry with them? What do they leave behind?

We are all Explorers. We are all born with a natural curiosity to discover the world around us; the world within us; the Universe above us and the earth beneath our feet.

We all take that first daring step into the Unknown from that same humble place, the place of being lost.

Explorers trust being lost. They accept there are no guarantees of what they will find in making the decision to leave behind the familiar. Explorers expect dead ends. Failures. They use them to gather skill, knowledge and enough rest to find a new way forward, always keeping their compass of curiosity close at hand.

Explorers are masters at embodying the skills of Dreaming out of the Box.

Class anticipated for Spring 2016

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