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Counseling Studio

Personal Counseling Studio

2hh studio (Two Hands and a Heart Studio) is a personal counseling studio located Los Angeles. 2hhstudio is home to Madaline Blau’s personal counseling workshops, meditative study groups, classes and private counseling for individuals, couples and groups. 2hhstudio is a center for creativity and health: a sanctuary within the city- designed to rest the nervous system, where all who enter find clarity, guidance, inspiration and restoration. It is where Madaline meets with individuals and couples when working in person, and where On-going class and Madalines’ other classes, workshops and seminars take place.

2hhstudio includes a biodynamic garden where organic fruits, herbs and vegetables grow. 2hh has a working test-kitchen where wildly delicious and cell-nourishing foods are created: super-foods, organic, low glycemic, healing chocolate, gluten free; healing foods,mouth smacking and delicious healing foods.

“Nurture what Heals” is the guiding philosophy at 2hhstudio: Nourish the body, clarify the mind, liberate the Soul. Open a space where every aspect of a person’s well-being can learn to thrive and they will!