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Author: Madaline

Ongoing Class

Ongoing Class Is Where You Find Your Hidden Treasure The place where you can inquire into your own hungering self and gain the tools and skills needed to nourish your deepest longings. It is the place where we take the time to go into whatever the

Tenderness and Courage

TENDERNESS AND COURAGE We are diving into what it means to Dream Out Of The Box In Ongoing Class. Dream – As in •    Conceive of, envisage, imagine, intend, Out of…. The Box - As in how we •    define ourselves •    dedicate our time, energy, resources to who we “believe” we

What’s In A Name, Part One

Do you know who you are? What Names are you using to define yourself? What Labels have you accepted from others’ ideas of you? Are they boxing you in? I am thinking about labels these days. Not the ones we wear, (although if the metaphor fits… you know what

What’s In a Name, Part Two

Existing or Claiming your Name Big business, a Name. Serious advertising dollars get spent testing out just the right one to catch your eye, open your ear, claim your heart; win your loyalty. It’s more than flirting; it’s sex. Look around you. It’s on Bill boards; TV

Class Discussion

Ongoing Class-Welcome to your private space for class…. here you can leave a comment; ask me a question; share with each other something you have discovered from class or from your homework. Or…. continue the conversation from where we left off…. also please check out