Reconnect-Repair-Move Forward

Healing symbol-multicolor butterfly

Madaline Blau Counselor

Madaline Blau’s focus’ at 2hh studio is on counseling and teaching those in practice or with basic skills in the healing field. Per availability, Individual and couples local and non-local sessions may also be arranged. A group class (Ongoing Class-see below) is a cornerstone of what Madaline does.

Madaline Blau has inspired hundreds of people from all walks of life to connect with their authentic selves for over 30 years. Madaline’s unique and intuitive insight leads those who work with her deep into their cores, unlocking the keys to their toughest challenges and outworn ways of coping into real solutions and renewed sense of self and vibrancy.

2hh incorporates Madaline’s gifts as a healer, counselor and teacher along with her unique tools, methods and environment to guide people to reconnect, repair and move forward into a life of greater ease, joy, awareness and expression of their true selves.


a creative sanctuary
where the heart can ignite
the soul can heal
the body can mend

where the big questions get answered:
where am I going?
who am I going with me?
where do I belong?
what do I want to bring to the world?

2hhstudio is shorthand for Two Hands and a Heart Studio. The studio, Based in Los Angeles has been created  to be a safe, nurturing and healing sanctuary within the city where one can relax, nourish their body, clarify their mind and liberate their soul.

Ongoing Class

Along with individual counseling sessions, Madaline offers, “Ongoing Class” (OGC) where you can inquire into your self and gain tools and skills needed to nourish your deepest longings. OGC includes topical lectures, conversation, writing, meditation, visualization and other techniques. OGC is quarterly-year round and is held mornings on the 3rd Saturday of the month. You can join at any time. OGC is typically held on the 3rd Saturday of the month and usually meets from 9:30 am to 11:30-ish am. You may sign up for Ongoing Class at any time, when class size permits.

Upcoming Class Dates

11/16/2019 Fall 2019 OGC
12/21/2019 Fall 2019 OGC
01/18/2020 Fall 2019-2020 OGC